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Jon Bradford, Programme Director, presents an exclusive daily blog from the inaugural Springboard Cambridge events.

Bridges not Valleys

Success has many fathers, and Springboard is no exception to this. There is, however, one individual who has had more influence upon Springboard’s inception and core philosophical views than anyone else. David Cohen helped me create and launch The Difference Engine, the predecessor of Springboard, and has had a guiding hand ever since.

Guest Blog - Do you ever rage?

I’m not asking if you ever get angry. I’m asking if you ever rage. I’m asking if your stomach ever clenches into a ball the size of a mandarin, if your guts fill with bile and acid, if you can no longer hold onto your coffee cup because your hand is shaking so hard and the only solution that can possibly satisfy you is to throw it through a window or at someone.

Astia: Exceptional Female Entrepreneurs Wanted

Maybe it’s you, your sister, or someone you met at the meetup last week?

Tech Challenge for Children in Need: Rallying Your Help!

'Build a game conceived by children for children in 48hrs.' The idea was born one week ago, and now it's in full swing! Take inspiration from Springboard mentor Mark Hales on this one - and while you're at it - please support this awesome effort and help SPREAD THE WORD!

How would you like to show students how a video game is made? Even better, how about a game they’ve designed themselves? In under a weekend? (YES PLEASE!)

TexDrive Accelerator - The Russians are Coming!

Ahem – *taps glass* – We have an announcement to make. A new accelerator launches in Russia this week, and we’re stretching beyond the UK to get involved!

SVc2UK Appathons Hack Government Data - Join In!

Hack government data, build something cool, and win a trip to Silicon Valley! 

PlayMob Partners with PerBlue to Raise Money for SOS Children on Parallel Kingdom.

Virtual goods doing good in the world? Yes that’s the magic of Springboard team PlayMob, who have launched a cool campaign in partnership with games company PerBlue with impressive fundraising already underway. Featured recently in PocketGamer and blog, the PlayMob gang is on a roll and we’re all cheering for them this week.

Day 90 - Results are In... Springboard Awards!

You are ALL winners – some are just more ridiculous than others.

Day 89 - Saying Goodbye but Holding on to #11

There’s no easy way to say it. We’ve had an intense, emotional, wonderful 13 weeks full of ups, downs, and surprises.

Cambridge history and charm.

Being in Cambridge, it just had to be done! A walking tour and punting trip entertained our touristy spirits for the afternoon, offering a taste of Cambridge history and charm, writes Jess Williamson.

Day 84 - Playing with Firefox: 10 Hottest Lessons

It’s Day 84 at Springboard and we’re not burnt out, we’re burnt in

Day 83 - Cracking on with Lucky Week 13

Oh my word. It’s lucky week 13 already!

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