Killer50 Profiles

  • Undo Software

    undo software, debugging, cambridgeo

    Heavyweight Cambridge and global investors are backing debugging software business Undo to grab a significant slice of a $312 billion-plus... Read More

  • Storm Therapeutics

    storm therapeutics, cancer, cambridge

    Cambridge University spin-out Storm Therapeutics recently raised £12 million to develop novel cancer therapeutics. The cash is being used to identify... Read More

  • Speechmatics

    speechmatics, improved content, speech recognition, cambridge

    The company has launched Universal Time Alignment – a language-independent forced-alignment service to match words in text files to their... Read More

  • Raspberry Pi

    raspberry pi, computing, cambridge

    The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It... Read More

  • PragmatIC Printing

    pragmatic printing, flexible electronics, cambridge

    PragmatIC is a world leader in ultra low cost flexible electronics, enabling the potential for trillions of smart objects that can sense and... Read More

  • PlayFusion

    playfusion. digital games, cambridge

    Founded by former Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard, PlayFusion specialises in creating digital games that provide what the founders call “unparalleled... Read More

  • Inivata

    inivata, cambridge, cancer, genomics

    Inivata, a clinical cancer genomics company, is employing the precision of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) analysis to improve personalised healthcare... Read More

  • Healx

    healx, cambridge, rare disease network

    The drug repurposing business raised £1.5m in October 2016 from Hermann Hauser’s Amadeus Capital Partners and big names in biotech including David... Read More

  • Congenica

    congenica, dna sequence analytics, diagnostic technologies

    Congenica is a spin-out from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and a leading developer of DNA sequence analytics and diagnostic technologies. It... Read More

  • CyanConnode

    cyanconnode, cambridge, internet of things, smart metering

    The AIM quoted UK business specialises in narrowband RF mesh networks for Omni Internet of Things communications. It has steered landmark deals in... Read More

  • Cambridge Communication Systems

    ccs metnet, cambridge, mobile data

    Its technology, CCS Metnet, provides self-organising wireless backhaul for small cell, WiFi, CCTV, smart city and enterprise access applications. It... Read More

  • Avita Medical

    avita, medical, regenerative, burns, wound, cambridge

    The company makes autologous cell harvesting devices for treatment of burns, chronic wounds and certain aesthetic conditions. In arguably its... Read More

  • AstraZeneca

    astrazeneca, genomics, cambridge

    The global science-led biopharma business whose medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide is creating an estimated 2,500 jobs at a new... Read More

  • Vectura

    vectura, inhaled airways disease, cambridge

    The FTSE250 company, which this summer completed an all-share merger with Shyepharma plc, is an industry-leading inhaled airways disease focused... Read More

  • SimPrints

    Simprints has built open source software and biometric hardware to empower mobile tools used by researchers, NGOs, and governments fighting poverty... Read More

  • GeoSpock

    geospock, big data, cambridge

    GeoSpock’s mission is to become the go-to search solution – the Google of Big Data – for complex, multi-dimensional big data, extending the reach of... Read More

  • F-star Technology

    F-star, biopharma, antibodies, cambridge

    Antibodies specialist F-star may have given birth to a $billion baby – F-star Gamma. It has struck a deal with US company Denali Therapeutics which... Read More

  • Domino Printing Sciences

    domina, inkjet coding, printing, cambridge

    Founded in 1978, Domino is a world leader in inkjet coding and printing technologies that meet the needs of manufacturers. Through a global network... Read More

  • Darktrace

    darktrace, cyber security, cambridge

    The cyber defence business’ self-learning technology has been deployed over 1,500 times worldwide and more than 18,000 serious cyber incidents... Read More

  • Abzena

    Abzena is transforming into a transatlantic biopharma power player through rising revenues, strong R & D investmenrt and a strategy of... Read More