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Ale’s well that ends well as brewery hires Shakespeare


A Norfolk craft brewery has turned to a wordsmith called Shakespeare to add some froth as head of marketing. Rachael Shakespeare that is.

Woodforde’s Norfolk ales has appointed Rachael to oversee the firm’s marketing strategy and build customer affinity.

Formerly a director of a Norfolk PR consultancy and chair of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) in East Anglia, Rachael’s marketing and PR experience spans 10 years.

All the world’s a stage for the newcomer. She will oversee the implementation of a revised communications plan for Woodforde’s – promoting the brand’s portfolio of ales, a programme of guest beers and a series of trade and consumer events. 

She will also be responsible for the management of the award-winning Woodforde’s Ale Trail, which was honoured by the Society of Independent Brewers (IBA).

Rupert Farquharson, managing director of Woodforde’s said: “I’m delighted to have Rachael join Woodforde’s after having worked with her in the past and knowing her ability to deliver effective marketing initiatives. Fundamentally, she will assist in building the Woodforde’s brand in the experience of our customers.”

Woodforde’s, which produces a range of cask and bottled beers, might wish to cash in on the Shakespeare theme by producing a play of its own. Or even a series – putting the dram into drama.

Ale’s Well That Ends well perhaps. Measure for Measure would certainly fit, as would The Very Merry Wives of Windsor.

Or how about A Midsummer Night’s Karaoke; The Wine Merchant of Venice; Henry IV Part Drunk; Winter’s Ale; Loves Lagers Lost; Taming of the Brew; Hamlet – with a Brandy Chaser; King Beer or even As tight as Andronicus?

Best leave the marketing ideas to Woodforde’s new ‘bard of the bar’ perhaps.