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8 February, 2012 - 09:27 By Tony Quested

Bingo for Bango in Facebook deal

CEO Ray Anderson

Shares in Bango, the Cambridge based provider of mobile web payment  services, rose sharply by 42p to 140.5p after unveiling Facebook as its ‘mystery’ client.

The UK company referred to a significant contract in an announcement on February 1 but was not able to name the customer.

Now it is basking in the power of association with the US social media giant.

CEO Ray Anderson and the Bango management are not allowed to go into any further detail about the Facebook contract, however.

The company put out a statement saying that due to “commercial sensitivities and the early nature of the relationship” no specifics of the contract are being publicised.

The Facebook deal adds to an impressive blue chip client portfolio; other recently announced customers include Amazon, RIM (creator of the Blackberry) and Opera.

AIM-based Bango provides technology that enables commerce on the mobile web.

The technology enables businesses of all sizes to collect payment for music, games, applications, videos and services sold to internet connected mobile phone users. Bango is able to charge payments to mobile phone bills or use other billing methods such as credit card based on intelligence about the consumer.

The company also provides an analytics service that provides accurate information about visitors and the effectiveness of marketing activities for mobile web sites.

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