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Entrepreneur breathes Dragons’ fire with phone repair kit


In a whirlwind nine months since he won backing from Dragons’ Den investor Kelly Hoppen, 21-year-old Essex entrepreneur Oliver Murphy is celebrating selling his Reviveaphone phone repair kit to more than 13,000 people across the globe.

The tech-savvy young businessman devised the revolutionary Reviveaphone as a simple way to fix water-spoiled phones. Using a sealable pouch, the product works to remove corrosive mineral deposits from drowned electronics and restore them with no long-term damage.

The Chelmsford entrepreneur launched his product online in 2012 and netted £12,000 in sales in Reviveaphone’s first year and is now preparing to launch his Repair Service Online and Repair Service Van.

The online service allows all parts of the phone to be repaired and will allow customers to track their phone and be updated on the repair process. The van service is a new concept, which sees the van come to customers at work, at home or hotels to repair phone problems or cracked screens. 

Last October, Hoppen spotted Reviveaphone’s potential on hit BBC show Dragons’ Den and agreed to become an investor. The business is now expected to fulfil its sales target of £200,000 this year – only its second in operation.

This huge uplift in sales is in part down to Reviveaphone’s booming overseas success. Thanks to deals struck by his Dragons’ Den mentor and investor Hoppen, the product is now selling in South Africa, New Zealand, Holland and Mexico and will soon be exported to America, Canada, Japan, Australia and Korea.

Murphy said: “I’m staggered by how quickly Reviveaphone has taken off and to be already selling so many kits at home and abroad is more than I could have hoped for at this stage.”

The company is also in discussions with high-profile airlines Virgin, Easyjet and Flybe to offer the repair kits for sale onboard their flights.

Kelly Hoppen said: “Reviveaphone is a product that really has international appeal, so it was key to make sure the business has a profile abroad. We’re hugely excited about rolling the product out in even more countries in the coming months.

“We’re also in the process of negotiating with some big names to secure key placement for Reviveaphone in the retail points where they are likely to expand their customer base even further. 

“Airlines are ideal as people going away on holiday often find that their smartphones come into contact with water on the beach or by the swimming pool.”

Reviveaphone kits don’t have a shelf life, so are often bought as a “first aid kit” for phones and can work up to a month after the initial damage occurs.


• PHOTOGRAPH SHOWS: Oliver Murphy. Picture by David Burns