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Tech & Biotech Opportunities

The former East of England Innovation Relay Centre and East of England Euro Info Centre joined together on April 1, 2008 to form Enterprise Europe-East of England. As members of the Enterprise Europe Network it continues to offer ways of finding and assisting with the transfer of technologies that may be of value to businesses in the East of England and can also help regional businesses to find markets for newly developed technologies.

Technology sought for eliminating odour

Tech-opps-logoA Korean R&D centre for convergence technologies, focusing on the development of new businesses, is looking for an odour removing technology to eliminate smell caused by sulphur compounds and ammonia.

Solomon Islands - Supply & installation of solar PV for rural telecommunication systems

UKTI-logoSPREP is inviting experienced organisations to respond to the tender to supply, deliver and install solar PV for telecommunication with operational training and support, including 2 years maintenance support.

Multi-sensor systems for water toxicity assessment

Tech-opps-logoA Russian SME from Saint-Petersburg has developed a novel instrumental approach for toxicity estimation in ecological monitoring. Unlike conventional bioassay methods with living organisms, the suggested technique does not require long procedures and involvement of living creatures.

Trinidad and Tobago – Laboratory information system

UKTI-logoInterested firms are invited to submit proposals for a Laboratory Information System for a major health facility.

Innovative technology of 3D printing materials

Tech-opps-logoA South Korea based R&D Centre, specialised in functional material sector, is looking for innovative 3D printing materials.

Serbia – Contract notice - Webcast system

UKTI-logoTechnical Faculty Zrenjanin will award a supply contract for purchasing equipment for educational video streaming system with financial assistance from the Romania - Republic of Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation programme of the European Union.

Bio-microelectronic sensor for insulin application

Tech-opps-logoTwo South West France laboratories specialised in cellular and molecular biology and microelectronics have developed a new device to measure the demand in insulin considering all the physiological signals preventing hypoglycemia which can occur with the current standard devices.

Japan – Exclusive offer for UK tech, creative or media start-ups

UKTI-logoA major consulting firm is offering FREE help for UK start-ups that have cleared the Series A funding stage. Take advantage of this offer to realise your potential in Japan.

Advanced technology sought for emanation of a vapour / gas / fragrance into the atmosphere

Tech-opps-logoA UK company is seeking a device for the passive (non-powered) diffusion/emanation of an organic vapour/fragrance/volatile materials from a substrate (gels, plastic, wick) or through a membrane/barrier/film.

Australia - Transport for NSW power supply upgrade program - Substation design & construct

UKTI-logoTransport for NSW is seeking tenders from experienced organisations that have the capability to undertake the necessary works for Lee Street substation including design & construction.

Process for recycling carbon fibre

Tech-opps-logoA South West France laboratory specialised in materials mechanics and engineering has developed a low-cost process for recycling carbon fibre. This technology is interesting for recycling or composites industries.

Brazil – Company seeks emergency alert system for elderly

UKTI-logoAn ICT company in Brazil is looking for partnership to introduce monitoring devices for senior adults. The company has been in the safety market for nearly 15 years, and has much experience on working with mobile tracking systems for cargo, family safety and surveillance services.

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