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The former East of England Innovation Relay Centre and East of England Euro Info Centre joined together on April 1, 2008 to form Enterprise Europe-East of England. As members of the Enterprise Europe Network it continues to offer ways of finding and assisting with the transfer of technologies that may be of value to businesses in the East of England and can also help regional businesses to find markets for newly developed technologies.

Preprocessing and mining of gene expression and genotyping microarray data

Tech-opps-logoAn Italian SME has developed a suite of innovative distributed software tools for the integrated preprocessing and mining microarray data, with applications in pharmacogenomics and metabolic networks analysis.

Location-based services for tourist venues through AR mobile app

Tech-opps-logoA Greek SME is offering an innovative mobile application using augmented reality to provide touristic venues and resorts with added value services for their clients, integrating indoor & outdoor positioning and tailor-made services into one custom application.

Cleaning device with low pressure steam technology

Tech-opps-logoAn Austrian SME has developed a cleaning device for special urban cleaning purposes like removal of chewing gum and severe pollution on horizontal surfaces in inner city areas.

Novel text searching tool

Tech-opps-logoScientists at a Dutch university have developed a novel text searching tool that is specifically directed to find words with varying spelling forms, so-called allomorphs. The tool has been developed and tested and is currently being used very successfully within the university.

New innovative water rescue system for beaches

Tech-opps-logoA young Spanish company has developed and worldwide patented a new Water Rescue System that significantly increases the chances of saving the life of any person at risk of drowning.

Novel electric wheel drive applicable to any wheel type

Tech-opps-logoA German inventor has developed a novel wheel rim drive. It is simply constructed but allows to work as an electric drive for any kind of wheel type. Thus, the product covers a wide range of applications, including hybrid drive and four wheel drive systems.

Highly sensitive cancer diagnostic assay

Tech-opps-logoA UK company has developed a novel mutation detection technology particularly suited for cancer diagnostic.

Non-electric sewage treatment system for domestic waste water

Tech-opps-logoA Dutch manufacturer of small scale sewage water treatment units has developed a compact septic system for the biological purification of domestic waste water from public or commercial facilities, if connection to major sewage systems is not available or too expensive. The smaller systems do not require electricity.

Clothes animation authoring software for game characters

Tech-opps-logoA Korean SME specialising in computer graphics (CG) offers an innovative technology for creating physics-based clothes animation which can build up cloth effects on the existing skinned characters just with a few clicks. It is quick and efficient to create cloth animation. 

Cardiovascular R & D platform for preclinical drug development

heartA privately owned Hungarian SME is offering innovative and cost-effective preclinical R & D services focusing on cardiovascular diseases (e.g. infarction, heart failure, arrhythmias, sepsis) efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetic animal models, including co-morbidity, custom designed and large animal models as well.

User-friendly kinetics suite for thermal analysis and material characterisation

Tech-opps-logoA French university laboratory has developed and patented a complete kinetics solution enabling the simulation of industrial processes or natural phenomena of increasing complexity.

Titanium electro-polishing process with low electrical consumption

Photograph copyright – CERNThe European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has developed an innovative electrochemical polishing process to polish titanium and titanium alloys devices, to a high degree of surface smoothness, typically of a nanometer level.

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